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How we got here

From teenage rivals to life-long friends.

A friendship that began as a fierce teenage rivalry: Callum and Sean attended opposing schools in Johannesburg and only met while playing water polo against each other (probably breaking each others’ noses at some point!). It wasn’t until much later that they met each other on neutral ground at Pafuri, both working as guides. They quickly understood that they had similar interests and passions and it did not take long for a life-long friendship to form. Ian joined the team in early 2022 and has known both Callum and Sean for many years.

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The ‘glue’ that binds the three, comes from a foundation of thousands of hours exploring Africa in search of remote wilderness areas.

Using each other’s best traits and compensating for their worst, they have a firm focus on building a world-class travel company that is both personable and professional.

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Follow in our footsteps

Getting you to the right places at exactly the right time.

African-Born Safaris will only take you to properties that we have experienced ourselves and know that the product that is delivered on the ground will not disappoint. The relationships we have formed within the camps with staff and management, throughout the continent, enable us to make sure our clients are extremely well looked after.

Why choose us?

Countless memories made.
Travellers become friends who become family.
Over 50 years of combined experience.
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Nice to Meet you

Deeply passionate & loads of fun, this is our African-Born Safaris Team.

Sean Carter

Co-Founder & Private Guide

Callum Sargent

Co-Founder & Private Guide

Ian Mey

Co-Owner & Private Guide

Rodger Bowren

Private Safari Guide

Devon Myers

Private Guide

Kirsten Rimmer

Safari Specialist

Lesley Grandjean

General Manager

Collaboration & Partnership

Proudly working with incredible safari brands through out Africa.

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