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Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa, and for good reason, it has so much to offer. You can quite easily see Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys, Lions, Elephants and even a Shoebill in a very short space of time. The parks are beautiful, diverse and well worth visiting.

A relatively small country, Uganda is 241 136 sq. km. in extent, of which 44 000 sq. km. is fresh water. Situated astride the Equator, it enjoys a mean annual temperature of 22 deg C. The basic infrastructure is sound and rapidly becoming better. The ecology varies from savanna to forest to snowcapped mountains, a great diversity which shows in its recorded bird list of over 1000 species.

Uganda has left behind its tragic past and has reinvented itself, making it one of the most hospitable places to visit in Africa today.

Its people are friendly and welcoming, eager to show visitors the wonders of their country. The diversity of Uganda is truly its tour de force: nowhere else in Africa can you trek gorillas one day, chimpanzees the next and lions and elephants the next. Uganda has everything you could want out of a safari. There are large areas to traverse between destinations and camps, requiring a certain amount of driving, but it is possible to charter flights as an alternative.

Capital CIty:
English & Swahili
Known for:
Agriculture (Coffee) & Textiles
41.49 Million
Seasons & When to travel
Seasons & When to travel
Wildlife & Activities
Wildlife & Activities
We knew that our trip to Africa was going to be amazing, but African Born Safaris exceeded our expectations ten fold! The attention to detail ABS provides for

The Applegate - Park City, Utah

Thank you to Sean and Callum for making our last THREE trips to Africa so memorable and exceptional!

Kitty, Scout, and Sara Swenson - Salt Lake City

We've been lucky to see a lot of world - but we both have said that our trip with Callum & this was the best trip we've ever been on!

Wes Schultz (The Lumineers) - USA


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