Family Safaris

In our opinion, there is nothing better than a family safari. Embarking on an adventure into the world’s greatest wilderness areas, surrounded by your loved ones, is an unforgettable experience and one that creates lifelong memories. Let us take you and your family on a journey that will bring you all closer together: whether you wish to bask in the delights of the Cape in South Africa, or head out into the bush in search of wildlife, or relax on a tropical island, we will find the best places for you to stay, as a group. We specialize in finding destinations that suit every member of the family, from those keen for adventure, to those wanting simply to put their feet up. Crucially, we remove the burden that often befalls one or two members of a larger group, and we take care of every detail so that you don’t have to, leaving you to enjoy the time spent with your family, on a trip of a lifetime.

For families with kids, we are able to tailor safaris to suit exactly what will work best for you: whether you travel with an insatiably enthusiastic and exuberant bunch or a more timid and wary one! Safaris with younger children can be extremely rewarding and memorable if organized properly- our main priority is to ensure that the safari is fun and engaging for all. We can select camps that run exciting kids programs and who provide specific, child-friendly activities, like playing in the mud! The lodges we visit with kids are specifically geared to having kids around and will keep them occupied for hours on end, should you parents require a little peace and quiet from time to time!


A family safari means no one gets left behind