Luxury Safari

Botswana is the ultimate safari destination, and one of the first countries associated with memorable, exhilarating journeys into pristine wilderness. Its crown jewel, the Okavango Delta, is definitely one for the Bucket List. An ecosystem like no other, this extraordinary series of waterways stems from a major river, fanning through a parched inland area before trickling to nothing in the sands of the Kalahari. The impact of this life-giving oasis on the wildlife of this area is remarkable. Botswana is essentially a game-viewing destination and a two-week safari will enable visitors truly to immerse themselves in the incredible variety of eco-systems across the country. With an astonishing range of camps from jaw-dropping, luxury lodges, to beautifully rustic tented camps, both mobile and fixed, Botswana never fails to live up to its impressive reputation.


We have first-hand experience at these magnificent luxury camps